Start your data visualization journey with free POC

Why Free POC?

Understand value before investing

Free POC provides great way to understand the value of the full dashboard before investing in full implementation of the dashboard.

Accurate Project estimation

Through Free POC exercise we can understand the project and challenges much better, enabling us to provide accurate estimates on the full implementation.

Know your challenges upfront

During Free POC, lot of the pain points and challenges will be identified which give head start on fixing them before starting full implementation.

We are Confident

We are highly skilled and confident on earning your trust and this is why we offer Free POC.

We value relationship

Free POC gives us good opportunity to build the relationship which we value greatly.

Zero Risk

With Free POC, you are at zero risk from investment perspective.

5 Steps Approach

1. Kick Off

2. Confirm Requirements

3. Dashboard Mockup

4. Development

5. Review and Deliver

  • Introduction
  • Dashboard Requirements
  • Existing Reporting Infrastructure Assessment
  • Access to Data Sources
  • Data Analysis
  • Confirm Metrics and Dimensions
  • Design POC Mockup
  • Review Mockup
  • Confirm Mockup
  • Design Data set
  • Design Dashboard
  • Test and Deploy
  • Review Dashboard
  • Deliver POC Dashboard
  • Provide Free Estimation for Full Implementation
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