Are you struggling to find right candidate at right time? Do you spend too much time before you can find the right candidate? 

Mantra BI is a leading staffing agency in New York and New Jersey area. Our experienced recruiters will take a hands-on approach, working to understand your challenges and providing the resources you need to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and get great results.

Our Approach

1. Collaborate

2. Filter the best talent

3. Client Interview

  • We collaborate with our clients to understand the needs, roles, responsibilities and expectation.
  • Our experienced tech savvy team screen candidates until it finds the best fit for that role.
  • Client interview our best picked profiles.

Staffing Services

Contract Staffing

The needs of workforce in this competitive business environment is changing, prefers the flexibility of contract staffing over permanent hires to reduce the administrative overheads. Mantra BI provides contract staffing services to small and large business across different industries.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Mantra BI Contract-to-hire staffing service offers an organization greater flexibility with workforce adaptability as it reduces the risk of hiring the wrong candidate, who is unfit for the job. Mantra BI provides organizations the flexibility to meet immediate demands and convert into full time.

Permanent Staffing

Mantra BI’s recruiting team will understand the job requirements, responsibilities and the skillset required for the job and screen the candidates and filters the unfit profiles so that way, you can focus on growing business and delivering the best without wasting time in screening hundreds of candidates.

Why Us?

Techno savvy SMEs

We are a Tech savvies having over 20+ years of experience in the emerging fields like Analytics, Digital Analytics, Data Science, business Intelligence, data science, Cloud Architecture, Cloud data warehouse, Data Lake, Software and Application.

Over 33% Selection Ratio

On an average, Client finds the best fit candidate 1 out of 3 profiles. This is critical as it saves lot of time in hiring with our unique approach.

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