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Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse also referred to as Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a central repository of data from various data sources within the organization that is transformed according to business needs on a daily basis.

business needs in terms of data and frequency of which it needs to be available is constantly evolving. modern data warehouse includes real time processing as well as architecture that is very flexible in terms of expanding if needed. this is where Cloud Data Warehouse comes in play and we have years of experience in both designing as well as implementing data warehouse as per your business needs.

Data Warehouse Services

Data Warehouse Design

Help with Designing data warehouse with POC on loading and verifying business needs.‚Äč

Reporting Service

Build SQL Server Reporting Service or equivalent that can act as the backbone for report needs.

Analytics Cube

Create Analytics Cube using tools like SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) that can satisfy need for ad hoc analysis and reduce number of resources needed to provide ad hoc data

Data Mart

Full implementation of Data Mart that is specific to business area that requires integrating data from various sources

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